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About Us

Performance Realty Management

Performance Realty Management (PRM) is a full service company devoted to the knowledge of real estate and delivering unique, well-researched opportunities to investors. Thorough proven software systems for acquisition, management and disposition, due diligence procedures coupled with professional relationships with best-in-class industry personnel allows PRM to discover groundbreaking opportunities.

The challenges facing the U.S. housing market have been impossible to avoid noticing. This sort of downturn is not unheard of and in fact, historically these cycles are the reason why profits can be made through carefully planned and executed real estate investments. PRM remains very involved in the Arizona real estate market, allowing access a vast network of industry contacts and up-to-the-minute information about new listings and identify, assess and acquire properties.

By making our move now, PRM plans to benefit from the downturn of the market cycle by buying and holding through the anticipated market upswing and eventually selling at higher market values.

Our Values

The Company believes in and conducts its business in accordance with the following guiding principles which it values and holds in high regard.

Ethics means “doing the right thing.” It means conducting business in accordance with the highest standards of business conduct such as: being open, truthful and honest; being conservative and realistic in revenue projections; being accurate in cost estimates; dealing fairly with investors, banks, buyers, brokers, lenders and government entities; acting in good faith; and remaining true to The Company’s core values.

Collaboration refers to creating and maintaining strategic alliances with banks, investors, buyers, lenders, and community stakeholders and government agencies. It means working together as a team to provide win-win scenarios and solutions for everyone. It means cultivating and encouraging joint ventures and partnerships rather than acting unilaterally. It reflects the fact that a person or an organization is stronger when affiliated with others who share a common vision, strategy and core values.

Accountability means open communication with respect to all aspects of a business transaction. It means explaining and acknowledging results, performance, failures, and successes in an open and forthright manner without blame and ridicule. It includes acknowledging one’s own contribution and ownership of a problem or issue, admitting mistakes and errors, and striving to make things right when harm or loss occurs.

Profitability means making money not only for The Company’s ownership group but also for The Company’s joint venture equity investors and partners. Profitability means being prosperous as a result of sound business decisions, discipline, execution and effective resource management.

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Our Mission

Performance Realty Management, LLC focuses on residential and commercial opportunities in the southwest of the United States. Our game plan calls for “opportunity” property purchases in the $2 to $50 million range where there is abundant deal flow and where we can operate under the radar of the big publicly traded REITs. Many lower-middle market deals are created by bank foreclosures, mismanagement, regional/industry downturns or as a result of general market conditions. Properties purchased at a significant discount-to- replacement value are then refurbished or redesigned to accommodate the demands of the current marketplace.

The mission of the Company is to generate financial returns from the acquisition and disposition in the southwestern United States real estate market.